At [email protected] (itsover.com) we have been moving towards a paperless office for over 5 years. We have been working remotely and with cloud based case management systems. Family Courts have lagged behind but with the onset of the Covid 19 Coronavirus, they are being catapulted into the realization that most court hearings can more efficiently and safely be conducted in a virtual environment with Zoom, CourtCall and other technology. The only exceptions at this time are evidentiary hearings where the judicial officer needs to assess the credibility of a witness through expressions and body language.

We are now ready to assist you statewide with your family law matter. We (and you) can upload all documents in your case with notification to two secure cloud based systems and you can review your account status on line at any time (updated every Thursday morning). At this time we conduct no in person meetings, but can FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangout, text, Messenger, WhatsApp etc. and are responsive to your needs on a 24/7 basis.

Please join us in our quest to provide you with more healthy and cost efficient services to achieve your Family Law goals.

In the meanwhile please stay safe and follow the instructions of your Governor.