This blog recently discussed the importance of assets being fully disclosed during the divorce process which is also important during the divorce mediation process. Divorce mediation is an alternative to a traditionally litigated divorce that divorcing couples may wish to consider.

The benefits of divorce mediation can range from saving cost and time to also reducing disputes and helping set up a framework for divorced couples to resolve their concerns down the road. Divorce mediation can also be a more private process and can be better for children involved in the divorce. Divorce mediation can save time and money because the divorcing couple spends less time in court and more time resolving the details of their divorce through the mediation process.

The mediation process is designed help divorcing couples negotiate and work out a divorce settlement agreement that is fair and that they can both live with. Divorce mediation can help with property division, child support, spousal support and child custody. A neutral third- party mediator helps facilitate discussions around the couples divorce settlement agreement so couples can work together during a difficult time to reach one. It can help divorcing couples reach a property settlement agreement as well as child custody agreement and address their other divorce-related concerns as well.

The divorce mediation process is one option for divorcing couples to consider as an alternative to going to court. It can help minimize disputes and acrimony in some instances, and save time and money, which is why it is worth understanding after a couple has made the decision to divorce.