We do not require a retainer. Fortunately, when the Pandemic hit us in March 2020, we had already been a paperless office for many years with two cloud based case management systems. However, the Pandemic propelled us to make many improvements to our client service protocols, retainer requirements, direct calendaring, electronic exchanges and remote systems being some examples. This has allowed our firm to concentrate more on client service and less on wasteful antiquated management systems. If you entrust us with your family law matter, you'll be in excellent hands.

When It's Over,
It's time to move on

When It's Over,
It's Time To Move On

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Reasons To Seek Sole Custody Of A Child

Divorces are difficult and challenging for partners, but they can even be more challenging for children. Depending on the age, a child may not understand the idea of a divorce or, if they’re older, they may respond in anger or bottle up their feelings.  While divorce generally isn’t the most ideal situation for a child, […]

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How To Negotiate Alimony

Alimony Lawyers Alimony, otherwise referred to as spousal support, may be awarded if the divorce causes one spouse to not be able to support themselves during the proceeding. For instance, if one spouse had the role of staying home to parent, then they were probably financially dependent on their spouse. The parent who stayed home […]

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Common Misconceptions About Workplace Discrimination

Employment Discrimination Lawyer Similarly to our interpersonal relationships outside of the workplace, you want to feel safe and respected when you come into work every day. If you experience discrimination at work, it can cause you to become uncomfortable and make your job more difficult, and cause stress on your relationships outside of work. However, […]

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Estate Planning FAQs

Estate Planning Lawyer Sitting down and working out an estate plan isn’t something many people want to do. No one likes to think about the day they will no longer be here to take care of their loved ones. But having a solid estate plan in place will ensure that your wishes will be met […]

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Los Comportamientos Negligentes De Los Automovilistas: Consecuencia De Muerte Injusta

Si usted ha perdido a un ser querido a consecuencia del comportamiento negligente de un tercero, es necesario acuda con un especialista legal como un Abogado por muerte injusta. Causas de muerte injusta: Accidentes de automóvil y comportamientos negligentes Las causas de muerte injusta pueden suceder por negligencias de terceros en: Comportamiento negligente automovilista: –  […]

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Services Offered By Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Lawyer Divorce is never an easy process to go through. There are difficult choices that must be made that can greatly impact the family, especially if a couple has children together. If you are going through divorce, you can complete your divorce much more smoothly when you have the help of a qualified and […]

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Parents Cannot Get Out Of Paying Child Support

A child support lawyer knows that parents who are ordered to pay child support sometimes fail to make any payments and end up owing back child support and interest as well. While court-ordered child support terminates when the child reaches the age of majority or finishes high school in some cases, the parent’s obligation to […]

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4 Things Your Family Lawyer Wants You To Know

We all understand that family conflict can be messy, and complicated, sometimes requiring legal action and court mandates. However, your family conflict does not have to be this strenuous. Instead, listen to the wise counsel of a family lawyer Alameda County, CA clients trust to advocate on their behalf and serve their best interests. The […]

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