We do not require a retainer. Fortunately, when the Pandemic hit us in March 2020, we had already been a paperless office for many years with two cloud based case management systems. However, the Pandemic propelled us to make many improvements to our client service protocols, retainer requirements, direct calendaring, electronic exchanges and remote systems being some examples. This has allowed our firm to concentrate more on client service and less on wasteful antiquated management systems. If you entrust us with your family law matter, you'll be in excellent hands.

When It's Over,
It's time to move on


When it’s over, it’s time to move on

Not a penny more, not a penny less

How to look good in virtual court

How to deal with your Ex’s Pesky calls

When it’s over, it’s time to move on

Don’t give up your share of your ex’s retirement

Don’t Withhold Custody During Covid-19

Shut UP and Pay your Child Support!

The Feeling of Dread when you wake up. Then you remember OMG your Family Law case.

Father’s Day Advice for a Crusty Old Family Lawyer

Don’t Annoy the Judge

Just Walk Away

Divorce Mediation Caveat

How Should I dress for Court?

Don’t Hate Your Ex’s Lawyer

Your Adult Children Matter

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