We do not require a retainer. Fortunately, when the Pandemic hit us in March 2020, we had already been a paperless office for many years with two cloud based case management systems. However, the Pandemic propelled us to make many improvements to our client service protocols, retainer requirements, direct calendaring, electronic exchanges and remote systems being some examples. This has allowed our firm to concentrate more on client service and less on wasteful antiquated management systems. If you entrust us with your family law matter, you'll be in excellent hands.

When It's Over,
It's time to move on

California Family Law Attorney

Family Law Your Way – Is It A Realistic Hope?

It’s over. A relationship may be over, but not your parent-child relationship; not your future. A chapter in your life is over but a new one is around the bend. With so much at stake in your California divorce or custody case, is it too much to hope you can chart your own course? Believe it or not, when AttorneyBernie.Com is on your side, we start with that assumption and work out the details from there. You bring the challenges calling for solutions. We bring the skills and passion to get the results you are looking for.

Grab hold of our experience. Allow us to take care of legal matters while you adjust to the changes in your family life. You can trust AttorneyBernie.Com to keep your case on track, to keep you informed and to keep fighting for what’s right, on your behalf. Together, we will find that way forward for you as we have done for many others before you.

Our firm is known for a client-centered approach in all areas of family law. Your divorce or child custody case likely means:

  • Your life is in transition.
  • You must balance life’s daily duties with the time and energy necessary to show up at settlement conferences, to support litigation or to otherwise contribute to success in your case.
  • You may worry about how to contain legal fees while still fighting for what matters most to you.
  • You are eager to put these family law matters behind you and move forward with as few complications as possible.

It is no exaggeration to say that our priorities align with yours as you work toward a new beginning. Attorney Bernie Kempen brings a great deal of knowledge, experience and proven results for clients with unusual assets to divide and/or complexities in child-related issues.

A zealous advocate at your side and on your side is what you can expect when AttorneyBernie.Com is your family law firm. Personable, yet aggressive as needed. Don’t let “that nagging feeling that something is out of sync” make you lose sleep. When Bernie Kempen is your divorce or custody attorney, he is on it. Your rights and interests are front and center every step of the way.

Will Your Case Be Resolved Amicably Or Through Struggles?

Most family law matters have to do with straightening things out with or for someone in your family: your spouse, your ex-spouse or your child. No matter how difficult a separation has been, your rational mind will help you to focus on the bottom line as you resolve basic struggles:

  • What assets will remain yours?
  • Where will your child live?
  • How will you make the necessary financial adjustments to be single again or to thrive as a single parent?

Rest assured, whatever legal issues represent challenges, Attorney Bernie Kemper gets it. He is up for the challenge.

Let’s talk about your situation and how we can help move your case forward in the directions necessary and desirable for your unique life circumstances. Reach out today to request a consultation at your convenience.

Client Review

"Bernie and his team have been incredible! Always responsive, professional, and, most importantly, ethical. Bernie's recommendations are exactly what I would expect from a professional in this field. He does not want you wasting your money on something a judge won't ultimately approve in court. In my experience, his team has tried to save me money where they could. I highly recommend him and his team. They will put in the time and effort to ensure you are well represented!"
Devon Nieve
Client Review

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