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Helping Children And Parents Through Custody Arrangements

Child custody decisions are not only the most complex and emotional part of most divorces, but also the most consequential part of a divorce or separation between parents. A poor custody agreement can make it difficult for both you and your child to move on as your family is restructured.

Your child may feel helpless, frustrated and confused when his or her best interest is left on the courthouse steps. Despite your best efforts or your partner’s shortcomings, your child loves both of you.

A knowledgeable family law attorney on your side early in your case can give you an advantage as you prepare to negotiate a parenting time plan or need help with enforcement or modification. Bernie Kempen is here for you and your child.

We Take On Vexing Child Custody Problems For Our Clients’ Sake

At the family law firm of Bernie Kempen, we help parents in the process of legal separation and divorce come to terms with problems like the following:

  • Are you stuck trying to co-parent with an unreasonable ex?
  • Is your relationship with your children suffering because the other parent is preventing visitation?

At the family law offices of Bernie Kempen, we help parents reach child custody and support arrangements that set them on a path for a successful, stable home life after a separation or divorce. Contact Bernie Kempen and speak to child custody attorney Bernie Kempen about your specific situation.

We help parents who are seeking a California child custody order at the time of divorce, or in a paternity case. We also help grandparents assert their rights to visit with grandchildren.

California Parenting Time: Child Custody And Visitation

Whenever possible, it benefits both parents and children to reach a child custody and visitation agreement of their own design by working with a skilled and experienced family law attorney like Bernie Kempen. No one loves your child or understands your family’s needs the way you do – certainly not a California family court judge.

At Bernie Kempen, we work hard to help our clients settle differences without the stress and pressure of court. We have access to a variety of expert resources to help you get there, if needed.

About Fathers’ Rights

Are you a dad who wants custody of his children? Many fathers think they have no chance of being awarded custody of their children, so they never try. If you are willing to step up to the plate to take on primary responsibility for your children, and you have been actively involved in their life and have a good relationship, you may have a good case for custody.

Don’t assume you can’t get a positive outcome in your child custody case, whether you are a mom or dad. California child custody lawyer Bernie Kempen and AttorneyBernie.Com are here to fight for your parental rights.

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