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How Child Support Issues May Affect Your Future And Your Family

In California, child support is determined by state guidelines that take into account factors like each parent’s resources and the amount of time a child lives with each parent. At AttorneyBernie.Com, when representing a parent in a case including child support we take nothing for granted. We investigate carefully to ensure “the other parent’s” income is truthfully discovered and presented to the court. We also advise clients on every way to ensure their own facts are fairly evaluated.

Enforcement Is The Thing!

Once a judge orders child support to begin, there will not be a lot of “wiggle room.” The next phase of your case is to ensure you receive your child support as ordered and/or that you are not accused of failing to pay if you are the paying parent.

  • Having a support order and actually getting support are two different things.
  • On the other hand, being ordered to pay child support you cannot afford is a major challenge for many divorced and separated parents.

We are here for you in either scenario. Being stuck not receiving what the court ordered or being in default with a payment order is a situation that cannot be ignored. Get an experienced family law attorney to help. At AttorneyBernie.Com, protecting families and children is what our law practice is about.

Are you struggling to make ends meet financially because you’re not getting the child support you are owed?

If you are having trouble getting the child support you are owed, consult with an attorney as soon as a pattern of nonpayment develops. The longer you delay, the worse the problem is likely to get. It is best to hold the non-paying parent accountable right away to increase the chance you will get back the full support you are owed.

At AttorneyBernie.Com, we skillfully protect our clients’ rights in the most direct, effective methods available. We also petition for child support modifications when significant changes in parents’ finances or life circumstances make them appropriate.

Do you owe back child support you can’t pay?

Take action now! The penalties are strict for nonpayment of child support orders, and you could find yourself without a driver’s license or in jail. There are alternatives to ignoring the situation. With a client-centered lawyer on your side, you will have the backing you need to prevent trouble while making whatever adjustments you need to make to get your child support payments back on track.

Is it possible to make changes to child support payments?

When you have been paying child support payments–or not–you may be wondering if it is possible to amend your child support order. In fact, many people are so convinced that once a child support order is put in place they are forever stuck with that payment (at least until the children become adults). However, it is possible to make changes to a current child support order, and will be much simpler to do if you are getting help from a trusted, seasoned attorney. 

Are child support payments punishment?

People tend to think that when a court orders someone to pay child support, these payments are punishment and are in place to make the custodial parent happy. After all, you should be paying everything you can for your children, right? This is not the case. Child support is simply there to help your children grow up with the same opportunities that they would have gotten if you and your ex-partner were still together. A court is not trying to bleed you dry with child support payments. 

What information and evidence do you need to make changes to a child support order?

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to changing child support. Do you have extenuating circumstances or recent life changes that have caused you to be unable to make payments or that you know will make your typical payments more difficult? This could be: 

  • A demotion at work
  • The other parent getting a promotion
  • A change in the type of custody or amount of visitation hours
  • You recently had a new child 
  • You lost your job
  • You suffered from an illness or injury that has increased your medical expenses

While this is not an exhaustive list, if you believe that you have evidence supporting a need to change your child support amount, it is important that you let your attorney know. 

What is the next step?

Once you have spoken with your lawyer and they have determined that you have sufficient evidence for moving forward, the next step is to start the process of amending your child support order. If you and the child’s other parent can come to an agreement, then this whole process will be much simpler. If you are unable to come to an agreement with them, you will need to go to court. You will both prepare for the court hearing and each present evidence. The judge will either agree or disagree regarding the proposed amendment. 

Who can I turn to?

When you need help modifying your child support agreement or are just starting out on your child support journey, please contact our office. We know that this is a very difficult time for you, likely emotionally and financially. We have a compassionate team who can help walk you through the legal steps and aid you with a child support order or amendment. When you are ready, please talk with our child support lawyer. 

Set The Matter Straight, Whether Receiving Or Paying

Whatever your child support or custody issue, take back control. Work to create a better future for yourself and your child. Contact Bernie Kempen for a consultation and supportive, skilled legal help to get your child the support he or she needs to grow.

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