When It’s Over,
It’s time to move on

When It’s Over,
It’s Time To Move On

Dividing Property Fairly After Divorce

When a marriage is over, it’s time to untangle the marital property. This process can seem especially daunting if you or your spouse, like many in the Bay Area, have unique assets like stock units or real estate.

However, with help from an experienced family law attorney, the division of property doesn’t have to mean a huge headache. Contact AttorneyBernie.Com today to speak with Bernie Kempen about your situation.

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The first thing to know about division of property is that it must be extensive. A fair and reasonable division of property can only be reached when both parties have an accurate understanding of the value of existing assets and debts.

We make sure that our clients have complete and accurate information when they enter into negotiations or when we take a property division case to court. That can mean using expert resources to track missing income or property, or to give an accurate valuation of property.

We always aim to be as collaborative as possible when working on behalf of our clients. We would always like to settle matters with a minimum of fuss and expense for our clients, and allow them to move on faster. However, sometimes that is not possible. When necessary, we vigorously advocate for our clients in court.

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