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Legal Separation Lawyer Alameda County CA

Legal Separation Lawyer Alameda County CAIf you are trying to choose whether or not to get a legal separation or a divorce, it will be helpful to speak with a legal separation lawyer Alameda County, CA can rely on from AttorneyBernie.Com. Many people who are considering getting a divorce think that the first step you need to take is getting a legal separation. However, those in California can choose to get legally separated from their spouses instead of getting a divorce. Whichever path you and your spouse decide to take, it will completely change your marriage. It is important that you understand what it means to be legally separated and why you may wish to do this instead of getting a divorce. 

Why choose to get legally separated in California? 

When you are looking into legal separation, you may be wondering: what’s the point? There are other options, like moving out of the same house as your spouse or getting a divorce. So, why go through a  legal separation? Similar to a divorce, if you and your spouse want to get legally separated, you can do so by giving a “no-fault” reason. This essentially means that you and your spouse are unable to get along anymore and will not be able to fix the problem causing the issues. 

A legal separation lawyer Alameda County, California trusts understands that there may be many reasons you choose to get legally separated instead of divorced. If you want to stay on your spouse’s insurance, a legal separation may be the right option. Or, for example, many people who are religious may prefer this option because they do not believe that divorcing their spouse is the right answer. On the other hand, if you have children with your spouse, you both may decide that a legal separation is easier for your children to understand and will not be as hard on the family emotionally. 

What kinds of requirements are there to get a legal separation? 

While it differs by state, getting a legal separation in California does not mean you need to have any residency requirements. Similarly, you will not need to go through the same kind of waiting period as you would if you and your spouse were getting a divorce. Instead, if both you and your spouse agree to the legal separation, you can speak with your attorney about getting the paperwork signed and approved by a judge. 

Are you interested in getting legally separated from your spouse? Please reach out to AttorneyBernie.Com to speak with our Alameda County, California legal separation lawyer today.

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