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Child Custody Lawyer Alameda County CA

Child Custody Lawyer Alameda County CAIf you are a dad and are concerned about getting custody of your children when you are going through a divorce, reach out to a child custody lawyer Alameda County, CA residents have trusted for years from AttorneyBernie.Com. We understand that it can seem like the court system is rigged or biased against you. Doesn’t the mother usually get custody of the children while the dad is left to fight for visitation rights? This is not necessarily the case. More and more, fathers are getting custody rights of their children and fighting to make sure their kids are taken care of and loved. Want to learn more about your custody rights as a father? Call our office to schedule a consultation with us. 

What You Need to Support What You Want

When it comes to determining how much time parents can get, there are some factors that both parents and a judge will need to consider. 

  • How old are the kids? If the children are younger, the person who wants sole custody of the children will need to be more flexible when it comes to how much time they can afford to give their children (typically, in addition to a job). As children get older, both parents working a traditional job would likely have less of an impact on how much time is spent with the children because the kids may have after-school activities and be capable of taking care of themselves at the house while parents are away at work.
  • Were you accused of abuse? An Alameda County, California child custody lawyer knows that one of the biggest risks to a father getting custody rights is if there have been false allegations of child abuse. When these kinds of accusations have been made, it is imperative that you work with your attorney to provide evidence to the contrary. Don’t lose heart. 
  • What if my spouse makes false claims against me? When a spouse makes false claims against the other parent and continues to do so in front of the children, it may be time to get legal help. Consistently harming the reputation of the other parent can tarnish how children view them. If this happens, you can speak with your lawyer about fighting for your custody rights to take your kids away from this kind of emotional abuse. 

Reach Out to Our Office Now! 

You may be wondering where to go from here. Whether you are just starting the custody process or want to make changes, having a trusted attorney on your side will be a huge help. Our reliable child custody lawyer in Alameda County, CA looks forward to getting your call.

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