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Protect Your Rights In Complex Property Division

Many people approaching divorce have more property to divide than the typical house, car(s) and bank accounts. In the San Francisco Bay area and elsewhere, it is not unusual for separating couples to have unusual assets like:

Bonus income and other types of income apart from a regular salary: People in high-tech occupations and many other fields of work often have incentive plans associated with their employment that include more than a monthly salary. If your spouse is in line to receive any type of deferred compensation, you want to be sure to work with an attorney who will fight to ensure it is properly accounted for among your marital assets. At AttorneyBernie.Com, you can count on diligent, detailed scrutiny.

RSUs (restricted stock units): Your or your spouse’s employer may have issued compensation in the form of company stock. The payout may be years away but if it is a real asset, it should be reviewed and accounted for.

Small businesses (or shares): One or both of you may operate a small business that has value beyond actual physical inventory. Whether you own the business together or separately, and whether it has been registered with the state for sales tax purposes or not, it should be taken into account as assets are divided. With AttorneyBernie.Com, you can expect us to advocate for your interests.

Cyber currency: Do you or does your spouse trade in Bitcoins or other cyber currency? A complete inventory of unusual assets like these should be included in the valuation process leading up to property division negotiations, agreements or representation in litigation.

Collectibles: Your or your spouse’s valuables in your home or elsewhere may go beyond the typical china, silver and coins. One of you may have collected baseball cards, rare comic books, antiques, rifles, modern art pieces or other valuable items. Uncovering hidden assets, being thorough in an evaluation of your respective assets, and finding the right experts are all important.

Complex real estate investments: Perhaps you or your spouse has invested in a development scheme that promises to deliver lucrative rewards over time, even though ground has not yet been broken for construction to begin. The true value of such an investment may far exceed actual dollars paid in. Should projected future earnings be included in a complete appraisal of your marital estate? No matter how these dealings fit into the process of property division in your California divorce, you deserve fair and above-board treatment. AttorneyBernie.Com will work to protect your interests.

Let’s Talk About Your Marital Assets

Legally speaking, a marriage is similar to a business in many ways. As you get ready to divide assets with your spouse, work with a law firm that focuses on your priorities while advocating for your short- and long-term best interests. Call 888-its-over or send an email inquiry through this website to get the dialogue started.

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