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Child Custody Lawyer Modesto, CA

If you want to file for custody of your children, you should speak to a child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA. A child custody battle can be complicated and stressful, so it is beneficial to have someone knowledgeable and experienced on your side. A lawyer can guide you through the process and protect your legal rights.

How to Improve Your Chance of Winning Child Custody

In order to win custody of your children, you have to prove to the judge that you are a fit parent. Here are a few ways to improve your chances of winning child custody.

  • Making your children a top priority. A divorce is especially difficult on children. They need your love and support now more than ever. If you wish to win custody of your kids, you must make them your top priority. Spend as much time as you can with them and avoid being tardy to your visits with them.
  • Watch what you post on social media. When you’re in the middle of a child custody battle, you have to be extra careful about what you post on Facebook and other social media sites. Your spouse’s lawyer may look for information on your social media to use against you in court. Don’t post anything that could make a judge doubt your parenting abilities, such as photos of you drinking alcohol at a bar.
  • Don’t talk poorly about the other parent. It is understandable that you might feel anger and resentment towards your ex. However, your child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA will advise against bashing your ex in front of your kids. Doing so will only make your kids feel uncomfortable and the judge will frown upon that.
  • Follow the judge’s requests. During your child custody battle, the judge may make certain requests. For example, he or she may order you to seek parenting classes. It’s important to honor these requests if you wish to win custody of your kids.
  • Hire an experienced lawyer. Working with an experienced child custody lawyer can improve your chances of success. An experienced lawyer will have extensive knowledge of family law and will know what it takes to win a child custody case. He or she can help you gather the appropriate evidence to strengthen your case and represent you in court.

Do’s and Don’ts: Tips For Helping Your Child Navigate Through Your Divorce

A divorce is painful enough when it’s just between you and your spouse, but it can be even more painful when there are children involved. It’s a tough thing for children to watch their parents separate, and, if you are in the process of getting a divorce and have children, there are some do’s and don’ts for you to think about as you help them navigate through your divorce.

Do Hire a Lawyer

In most divorce cases involving children, custody is a big issue. Hiring a proficient child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA, who can assist you with the legal process can be very beneficial to both you and your child.

Don’t Withhold Too Much Information

Depending on your child’s age, you probably don’t want to tell them everything that’s happening between you and your ex. However, make sure you aren’t keeping everything from your child and be sure to fill them in on important details that you think they should know. If you don’t know what to tell or not to tell your child, Attorney Bernie can assist you in figuring out what exactly you should share with them. 

Do Communicate

Communication with your child is key as you go through a divorce. As you deal with your child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA, make sure that you communicate any custody changes with your child.

Don’t Be Impatient

Divorce can be a very emotional and confusing time for children as they process everything, so don’t lose patience with them if they don’t understand all that’s going on. Instead, be patient with them and be willing to answer any questions they may have and also don’t hesitate to ask Attorney Bernie for help with answering their questions.

Do Remain Positive

Because of the weightiness of the divorce, it is very important that you remain positive for your child. Though you shouldn’t lie to them and pretend that everything is all right, in being positive you can be someone who your child can go to and feel safe and secure with during this difficult time.

Though divorce is one of the hardest things anyone can go through, especially when a child is involved, there are ways that you can persevere through it. In hiring a skilled child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA, and in being patient, communicating with and remaining positive for your child, you are providing them with a way to navigate through the process.

When You Should Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

You Have a Child Who Needs Specialized Care

If you have a child who has special needs and requires specialized care, you should consult with a child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA. Family law battles can be ugly, and they are always complex. However, when your children need special care, you want to be sure they receive it. At times this care must be continued throughout the life of the child, which can be expensive and requires dedication and commitment to your child.

Therefore, you should contact a child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA in these cases. Whether you gain sole custody or have to share it, all the parties understand the care your children need, from counseling and treatment for emotional health to physical therapy and accommodation for physical challenges. An experienced attorney, such as Attorney Bernie, may be able to accelerate the custody process to help you ensure that your child is properly protected.

You Think Your Child Is in Danger

If you are concerned about the health and safety of your children, you should immediately contact a child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA. As a parent, your children’s safety is your number one priority. You don’t want your children subjected to any form of abuse or neglect that may lead to physical or emotional harm.

A reputable child custody attorney helps you fight for a protective or restraining order, and they may be able to expedite the process. However, if you believe your child is in immediate danger, you should also contact the authorities.

You and Your Child’s Other Parent Live in Different States

Fighting custody battles across state lines causes many issues. First, each state has different child custody and divorce laws. Therefore, you need to know which state’s laws will be followed in your case. In addition, visitation can be challenging because you need to determine who pays for the travel across state lines. Also, visitation may be limited for the noncustodial parent depending on the distance that must be traveled.

If you have to fight a custody battle and either you or your child’s other parent have moved across state lines, you need a child custody attorney who knows the laws of the state where the custody battle is taking place.

What Factors Decide Child Custody?

It can be difficult to go through a divorce, and there are a lot of issues that have to be decided before everything is finalized. If there are children involved, the divorce can be even more challenging. One of the biggest issues that have to be handled is child custody. It is important for you to work with a child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA, such as an attorney from Attorney Bernie, who can help you. What factors decide child custody cases? 

The Relationships of the Children With the Parents

One of the first doctors that the judge will consider is the relationships of each child with the parents. Is there one parent that the children have a stronger relationship with? The judge will take a look at all evidence supporting which parent has the stronger relationship. If the children are older, the judge may even ask the child if they have a preference. This doesn’t necessarily mean the judge will agree, but it could be something the judge will take into account.

The Parents’ Stabilities

Next, the judge is going to look at each individual parent to assess their stability level. For example, if there is one parent who has been in and out of jail, or if there is a parent dealing with substance abuse issues, this could play a role in the case. This is another reason why you need to work with a child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA. 

Time and Money

Finally, the judge will also take a look at time and money. If there is a parent who doesn’t have any time to raise their children, then this is going to play a role in the decision. The judge will also look at the financial stability of each parent to see if someone has more resources to take care of the children. All of these factors are going to be considered together.

The Best Interests of the Children

Ultimately, the biggest factor that a judge will consider when deciding child custody cases is the best interests of the children. The children are going to stay together, and it is the responsibility of the judge to figure out what would be best them. This can be a complicated situation, which is why you need to work with a child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA, such as a lawyer from Attorney Bernie, who can assist you. 

Your Child’s Other Parent Has Contacted an Attorney

Most attorneys will tell you that if your opposition has an attorney, you place yourself at a disadvantage if you don’t contract an attorney of your own. You need an attorney, such as Attorney Bernie, to make sure your interests are represented.

Schedule a consultation with a child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA today to discuss your case in detail. Contact AttorneyBernie.Com now.

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