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Child Support Lawyer Modesto, CA

Child Support Lawyer in Modesto, CA

Purpose: Talk about child custody, and give a brief overview of what it entails. Emphasize that child custody is typically determined depending on what is best for the child, and drive that this decision usually depends on what parent can provide the best upbringing. Having child custody means taking more responsibility for the child, including taking them to school and medical appointments, and making sure they grow up right. Then, talk about what joint custody entails: the child (or children) share time equally between both parents, and both parents cooperate to ensure the best for their kids. Emphasize that joint custody is typically awarded when it is determined that the parents will work together for the wellbeing of the child, and whether the parents are in close enough proximity to make things work. Awarding joint custody also depends on whether it can be proven that a parent participated enough in their child’s development. Ensure the reader knows to reach out to the AttorneyBernie.com, and emphasize that they will take steps to let the court know that joint custody should be awarded.

Points to cover:

  • Child custody is an important part of a divorce
    • But what does it really entail?
  • Child custody focuses on ensuring what’s best for a child
    • And it’s usually awarded to what parent can provide the best upbringing
    • Having custody means more time with the child, but more responsibility
      • Taking them to school
      • Taking them to the doctor
      • Making sure they grow up right in general
  • Child custody can be awarded to one parent, while the other only gets visitation rights
    • But sometimes both parents can reach an agreement and work together
  • Joint custody is when a child spends time equally between both parents
    • Both parents cooperate to ensure what’s best for the kids
    • And they take equal responsibility for the upbringing
      • It’s determined by a number of factors
      • Can the parents cooperate?
      • Are they both in close enough proximity?
      • Have they both evenly participated in a child’s development?
  • Joint custody is possible
  • But you need to prove that you can work together
  • When you need a child support lawyer, AttorneyBernie.com will make your case work
  • Reach out to us today

Child Support Lawyer in Modesto, California

If you need help from a child support lawyer in Modesto, Ca, look no further than AttorneyBernie.com.

Child support can be a difficult pill to swallow for many parents, and because divorces are often bitter and challenging legal fights, you might feel overwhelmed and lost. Fortunately, with the right lawyer at your side you can navigate your way through your divorce as smoothly as possible.

Child care is one of the most hard-fought terms of a divorce. A divorce could be proceeding relatively amicably, but as soon as the kids and money come up, the gloves come off and the fight can become draining. It makes sense: People want to see their kids as much as possible, and they don’t want to miss a moment of their children growing up.

If you and your spouse fail to reach an agreement about sharing custody of your children, you’ll have to go to court to determine who gets custody of your children. Whatever the outcome, it pays to be prepared for the fight ahead. Read on to learn more about child custody and child support – and how a child support lawyer in Modesto, CA can help.

Who gets the kids?

You and your spouse have decided to split, but you both care deeply for your kids, and you only want what’s best for them. Unfortunately, you both have your own ideas about what counts as the best, and you can’t work together to raise the kids. In a case like this, one parent will be awarded custody, and one parent will be awarded visitation rights.

A parent with custody spends more time with the kids. They also have more responsibilities. They’ll have to feed and clothe the children and provide a stable home for them. They’ll also have to take them to and from school, doctor’s appointments, and basically provide the care necessary to ensure the children grow up right.

On the other hand, the parent with visitation rights doesn’t get to see their children as much. This can be particularly painful, as some visitation arrangements only allow for a few days a week. In addition to visitation rights, this parent will have to pay child support – a fixed amount of money per month. Child support payments can only be used directly on the children, which means money for food and education and clothing primarily.

It’s hard enough to be forced out of a relationship with your children. Being bled dry with severe child support payments can make moving on from a toxic relationship with a vindictive spouse even more difficult. Fortunately, an experienced attorney can help you secure a child support arrangement that works best for everyone.

Reach out to AttorneyBernie.com today

Any divorce is a challenging and frustrating process, and when your children are caught in the middle, it becomes even more difficult. Before agreeing to any restrictive child support arrangements, or signing away your right to see your children, you should always reach out to a qualified child support lawyer. Having proper attorney guidance can make all the difference when dealing with a divorce, and going through your divorce proceedings without a legal specialist on hand may end disastrously.

Questions You Should Ask Prospective Child Support Attorneys

What is Your Legal Approach to Child Support Cases?

Your children have specific needs, and they may be involved in extracurricular activities. They may also plan to attend college. All of these things add up. For example, you may be paying for daycare, medical and dental expenses, clothing, college, allowance, insurance and other expenses. You need a child support lawyer in Modesto, CA who will fight for your children so you can give them the care they need and have extra money for their extracurricular activities.

Although your attorney can’t guarantee that all your children’s expenses will be covered, a reputable attorney, e.g., Attorney Bernie, will do everything possible to help you support your children.

How Many Child Support Cases Have You Handled This Year?

Your goal with this question is to determine the percentage of child support cases the attorney handles compared to the rest of their cases. Because child custody and support laws differ in each state and new regulations are periodically adopted, you want a child support lawyer in Modesto, CA who spends most of their time on these types of cases. These attorneys have wide networks of legal professionals who are concerned with the care and health of children. They also remain current on new child support laws and strategies.

You should also when the attorney last negotiated or tried a child support case. Then, discuss the attorney’s success rate. If the lawyer offers you references and encourages you to contact them, you may feel more comfortable with them, thinking they are trustworthy.

What Are Your Communication Preferences?

One of the most important questions you can ask is, “Attorney Bernie, when can I expect to be updated about my case?” You should also discuss the communication methods your child support lawyer in Modesto, CA prefers. In addition, find out how you should inform your attorney about things that may affect your case, such as a move or your child’s interest in a new activity.

Do You Have the Resources and Time To Dedicate to My Case?

When you first contact the law firm, pay attention to how quickly the attorneys get back to you. If they don’t get back to you within 24 to 48 business hours, they may not have the time to effectively handle your case. Be sure your attorney also has the support staff, finances and professional space necessary to work on your case. For example, they may need conference space for depositions, paralegals for research and enough money to try your case and pay any investigation or court fees.

Don’t gamble when it comes to the future of your children – reach out to AttorneyBernie.com today, and see how a child support lawyer in Modesto, CA can help.

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