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Alimony Lawyer Alameda County CA

Alimony Lawyer Alameda County CAAn alimony lawyer Alameda County, California relies on knows that it can be difficult and stressful when you need to get alimony from your spouse. Going through the divorce process is already stressful. Then, you add things like child support, deciding who gets to keep your pet, and determining if you get alimony and it can turn into a nightmare. If you are hoping to get alimony (also called spousal support) after you get a divorce, reach out to AttorneyBernie.Com as soon as possible. The sooner we are able to get to know you and your situation, the sooner we can begin building a case for alimony. To see how we can help you, contact our office today. 

Why is alimony such a contested topic? 

When a couple is going through a divorce, the last thing either side wants to do is pay alimony. The person who makes less in the relationship is probably going to feel some relief in knowing that paying alimony will likely not fall to them. That said, the spouse who makes more may argue against paying alimony or may have their lawyer try to get away with paying a very small amount. This can make even an amicable divorce turn sour quickly.

Is alimony something that is based off of a person’s gender? 

An Alameda County, California alimony lawyer knows that when a court is determining alimony they will not be making the decision based off a person’s gender. Instead, this kind of decision will be made based on factors like length of marriage, the lifestyle a person is used to, and what each person’s salary is. 

Is there a difference in temporary spousal support and permanent spousal support? 

Yes. If a court decides to grant you temporary spousal support during the time of your divorce they will look at different factors like what your financial needs are and how much your spouse makes. The court then uses an alimony calculator to help make a more precise amount of payments. The court will take a more in-depth look into what each person has and what each person needs when it comes to permanent alimony. 

If I re-marry will my alimony be cut off?  

If you re-marry then this is one of the situations where alimony would be cut off. The exception to this is if both parties agree that alimony would continue to be paid even after the case of re-marrying. 

If you would like to learn more about alimony or would like us to consider your case, please contact our alimony lawyer in Alameda County, CA for more information.

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