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Family Lawyer Alameda County CA

Family Lawyer Alameda County CAWhen you are going through a difficult situation with your spouse such as paternity issues, a divorce, alimony disagreements, or matters of child support, you should be looking to work with a family lawyer Alameda County, California relies on from AttorneyBernie.Com. We believe in giving our cliens the opportunity to bring everything to the table and without an attorney by your side, you may be losing out. Family legal issues can already be stressful enough as it is. Why risk losing out on alimony or time with your children by not working with an attorney? To schedule an appointment with one of our team members, contact our office now. 

What are the different benefits to working with one of our attorneys? 

Almost any legal issue will have some degree of complexity. Especially when you are dealing with something as important as family, you want to make sure you are getting the best representation possible. Whether you plan to go to court or hope to come to an agreement outside of court, working with an attorney from our office can help you be as prepared as possible. We can help:

  • Retain key witnesses to help solidify our argument
  • Provide you with a legal strategy that can help guide your case
  • Retain expert witnesses, especially helpful in cases of abuse or domestic violence
  • Value your assets and help you get a fair division of property

How do I know how much a divorce is going to cost me?

An Alameda County, California family lawyer knows that there is no one specific answer that will tell you how much a divorce will cost. Some of the different factors that will go into it are what assets you both have, how long you have been married, how many children you share, etc. Another factor that will play a huge part in what a divorce will cost is whether you will pay or receive spousal support. If you make the larger amount of money in the marriage, it is possible that you will need to pay your ex-spouse spousal support. On the other hand, if your spouse makes more than you do, your attorney may fight to win spousal support (and child support) on your behalf. 

Does all of this need to be decided before a judge finalizes the divorce? 

Yes. Especially when it comes to child support and custody, a judge will need to make a decision before finalizing the divorce. This can also be beneficial because it can help set clear standards post-divorce. If you would like to speak with our trusted family lawyer Alameda County, CA residents rely on, please give our office a call at your earliest convenience.

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