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Divorce Mediation Lawyer Alameda County CA

Divorce Mediation Lawyer Alameda County CAAs a trusted divorce mediation lawyer Alameda County, California relies on from AttorneyBernie.Com, our team understands that sometimes divorce mediation is necessary. It is almost impossible to find a divorcing couple that is happy to give each other whatever they want, no matter how quickly they want the divorce to go through. Further, even if you do want your divorce to go quickly and smoothly, it is still paramount that you look out for your interests and the interests of your children. Do you want to see how divorce mediation can be of help to you? Please give our office a call. 

Why choose mediation? 

Perhaps your spouse is asking for a little more than their fair share of the items. This is typically one of the best-case scenarios. Worst case scenario, they may be trying to take everything: the house, the car, custody of the children, and a large amount of alimony. However, divorces do not have to get ugly which is where mediation can come in. When you work side by side with an Alameda County, California divorce mediation lawyer, you are getting someone who will care about your needs and best interests and represent them. 

What does mediation look like?

When you and your spouse go to mediation, you will likely sit in a room with your spouse, two lawyers, and the mediator. The mediator (a neutral third-party) will be going through a list of things that are potentially problematic and try to help you resolve these issues. A mediator goes through very specific training to try and get you both a fair outcome. Your mediator can potentially help you with a number of issues that will come up including: 

  • Alimony
  • Asset and property division
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Creating parenting plans

Get Help Through Mediation 

Most people do not leave a divorce getting everything they wanted. However, you do not need to leave your marriage feeling like you are left with nothing. We care about each of our clients and work hard to make sure your spouse is not trying to take everything out of anger or spite. Getting a divorce is hard. Finding an attorney who will be there for you throughout the process and represent your needs should not be hard. Are you interested in speaking with someone from our team? Contact our divorce mediation lawyer in Alameda County, CA now.

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