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4 Things Your Family Lawyer Wants You To Know

We all understand that family conflict can be messy, and complicated, sometimes requiring legal action and court mandates. However, your family conflict does not have to be this strenuous. Instead, listen to the wise counsel of a family lawyer Alameda County, CA clients trust to advocate on their behalf and serve their best interests. The following are four things your family lawyer wants you to know as you contemplate legal action.

Honesty is always the best policy.

As painful or embarrassing as it may feel to tell your family lawyer the truth about your marriage, spouse, or family situation it is vital to the process. If your attorney does not possess all the facts, he or she may not be able to best serve their client. Clients should feel at ease confiding in their family lawyer, knowing that they will not judge them, but will empathetically listen to understand the full picture better. Attorneys have the experience needed to remain neutral and not overstep, or try to fix their clients. 

Avoid badmouthing.

If you have kids, try to refrain from speaking negatively about your spouse in front of them. As tempting as it may feel to vent your frustrations about your spouse to your children, this is greatly discouraged. Not only does this put your children in an awkward position having to pick a spouse’s side, but it could negatively affect your custody in court should you and your spouse contemplate divorce. Legally this is called parental alienation and is considered to be a very serious offense in court. If you feel the need to vent, Kempen & Company advises seeking out a therapist or close friend that is removed from the situation. 

Listen to your Lawyer.

When it comes to accepting counsel from your family lawyer, trust that their insight and experience are there to help. Attorneys strive to look out for their client’s best interests, and that includes speaking about specific situations throughout a divorce or child custody process. For example, your family lawyer may advise that you avoid posting about your divorce on social media because it could hurt your case, and give your spouse ammunition against you in the trial. Experience helps family lawyers understand what is helpful and what is harmful to their clients in their specific situations.

Set realistic expectations concerning the outcome of your legal journey.

While your family lawyer will work tirelessly to help you get everything you want out of your divorce or child custody battle, clients should expect that it may not go entirely the way they desire. Having realistic expectations regarding child custody, asset division, and so on will greatly help the client in the long run. The client needs to prioritize what is truly important to them, and what they are willing to negotiate or give up to their spouse or other family members. A wise and trusted family lawyer can help with those decisions, providing an objective option. If you or a loved one is needing counsel or representation about a family matter, reach out to a family lawyer today. 

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