We do not require a retainer. Fortunately, when the Pandemic hit us in March 2020, we had already been a paperless office for many years with two cloud based case management systems. However, the Pandemic propelled us to make many improvements to our client service protocols, retainer requirements, direct calendaring, electronic exchanges and remote systems being some examples. This has allowed our firm to concentrate more on client service and less on wasteful antiquated management systems. If you entrust us with your family law matter, you'll be in excellent hands.

When It's Over,
It's time to move on

When It's Over,
It's Time To Move On

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Parents Cannot Get Out Of Paying Child Support

A child support lawyer knows that parents who are ordered to pay child support sometimes fail to make any payments and end up owing back child support and interest as well. While court-ordered child support terminates when the child reaches the age of majority or finishes high school in some cases, the parent’s obligation to […]

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4 Things Your Family Lawyer Wants You To Know

We all understand that family conflict can be messy, and complicated, sometimes requiring legal action and court mandates. However, your family conflict does not have to be this strenuous. Instead, listen to the wise counsel of a family lawyer Alameda County, CA clients trust to advocate on their behalf and serve their best interests. The […]

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Should You Mediate Your Divorce?

Choosing an approach for your divorce process is not ordinarily an easy undertaking. Certainly, there are some couples who go into the divorce process with such deep-rooted tensions and fundamental differences between them that a contentious process requiring judicial intervention is inevitable. Similarly, there are couples whose priorities are so completely aligned and their vision […]

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Pet Trusts In Estate Plans

Trust Lawyer For many people, their pets are also considered one of those loved ones that we want to make arrangements for. Today, many people include arrangements for their pets in their estate plans. This is especially important if there is a possibility that your furry loved one will outlive you. Your trust lawyer can […]

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Debunking the Top Foreclosure Myths 

Foreclosure Lawyer Just as the housing market was starting to recover fully, the pandemic hit, leaving thousands of people being laid off from their jobs. This meant that these people were unable to pay their mortgages, even though certain lenders were offering different options.  With so many people unable to make their monthly payments, they […]

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5 Things You Need to Know About Probate Court

Probate Lawyer If you’re dealing with an estate that needs to go through probate court, it can be intimidating to navigate the process on your own. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a probate lawyer Knoxville, TN by your side, they can help you gather the information and documentation you need to represent yourself […]

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What to Know When Preparing for Your Personal Injury Trial

Litigation Law Firm The majority of personal injury cases get settled out of court. However, if the defendant’s insurance company isn’t willing to offer a fair settlement, it may be in your best interest to go to trial. After all, you deserve to be fairly compensated for your medical expenses, lost wages and other losses […]

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Why It’s Important to Have a DUI Lawyer

DUI Lawyer Being convicted of a DUI can be something you’ll want to hide from the world. It’s embarrassing, and it affects your ability to get a job or travel. This is why it’s important to have a DUI lawyer by your side. A DUI lawyer from The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright can […]

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Steps in Initiating the Divorce Process

Some of us may one day realize that the person we married is just not right for us. When this happens, we may wonder what initiating the divorce process would be like. Those who are considering taking the steps towards divorce may want to consider the following information provided below. Identify the type of divorce […]

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Setting Up an Office

Listen Now! Sit down with Attorney Bernie Kempen for this episode in his series “Flying Solo with Attorney Bernie” to discuss the facets of setting up a successful solo practitioner office and how a properly set up office can make a client’s experience working with your firm easier and more geared toward the resolution they […]

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