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Our management realizes that the uncertainty of the Covid 19 crisis is weighing heavily on many of you. We have decided not to require our standard retainers but instead request a good faith up front payment of $500 plus costs (if any) to get started on your case.

    Divorce FAQs

    Starting over isn't easy, but when the alternative is staying in an abusive or unworkable situation, it's time to face facts and take action. Got questions about how? We can answer them.Read More


    Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method that can help both parties achieve a more satisfying outcome to family law matters.Read More

    Divorce With Unique Assets

    When your assets include things like restricted stock units, extensive real estate or even a small business, you need an attorney with the experience necessary to ensure they're divided fairly and correctly.Read More


    We provide links to resources that can guide and support you.Read More


Honest & ethical attorney

I worked in the legal field for over 10 years and it is rare to find such an honest and ethical attorney like Bernie Kempen. He did an outstanding job for me regarding custody and support.
– Anonymous

Grateful mother

Bernie and his staff are A+! They always answered any questions I had, if not that day then that week. I was so thankful when Bernie sat next to me at the mediation and helped me to reveal other important info that I was not thinking of at the time because I was so nerves from the situation. Bernie was also alert when we were In front of the judge and pointed out things I didn’t even think of. His staff was very patient with me as well, even when I wanted them to change things they already worked on. I have gotten the outcome I was looking for with Bernie that I haven’t been on my own. I wish that I could always have Bernie by my side to help with my son’s situation, because he makes a big difference. I am truly thankful for him and his staff. From a mother that needed help when she doesn’t have any but from Bernie.

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