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Spousal Support Lawyer Alameda County CA

Spousal Support Lawyer Alameda County CAIf you want to learn what it means to pay spousal support, reach out to our trusted spousal support lawyer Alameda County, California residents have relied on from AttorneyBernie.Com. We understand that learning you have to pay spousal support can be an added frustration on top of an already stressful divorce situation. However, we are here to clear up any questions you have and help you when it comes to paying a reasonable amount. Please call our office when you are ready to set up your appointment. The sooner we get started, the sooner we can help you. 

Is it possible to speak with my ex-spouse to determine a payment amount? 

This is not unheard of. If you and your ex-spouse are able to reach an agreement, it is possible for you to both come to an arrangement regarding the amount you would pay for spousal support. That said, we believe it is best to agree to a number when you have talked things through with your Alameda County, California spousal support lawyer to make sure your rights are being fully considered. You want to make sure you are not paying more than you need to and having an attorney by your side will make sure your rights and interests are being protected. 

My ex-spouse is planning to get re-married to someone else. What happens with my spousal support?

Typically, if the dependent spouse is getting married to someone else, the spouse providing spousal support will no longer have to pay. The exception to this is if they both agreed that spousal support would continue even upon re-marrying. Similarly, if your ex-spouse is cohabitating with someone else and is dependent on them, you could petition the court to pay a lower amount or ask that your obligation to pay them spousal support is terminated. 

My ex-spouse is intentionally not working so that they can get spousal support. What can be done? 

There are a few things that your spousal support lawyer can help you with. While you cannot order your ex-spouse to get a job, if you can prove that they are making no effort to find work, you can petition a court to pay a lower amount of spousal support. 

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